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Co-development of the Mentoring-canvas

Customer: Business Tampere


Opening intro

Vision Factory considers each case unique, searching solutions together for that specific case. We appreciate the interaction, co-creation, and readiness to accept challenges and that the process does not progress by predetermined template, where the easiest and most convenient solution is the chosen one, passing where the bar is set low. I think the Vision Factory model is good especially when one wants to clarify a complex phenomenon or problem.

Sami Puttonen, Project Manager, Business Tampere https://www.startuptampere.fi


Customer Story

We started to search for a solution to complex cases which were both well organized and easily depictable. From the cases to solve, one focused on mentoring and the other on innovation test platforms. We chose Vision Factory as our service provider through competitive tendering. I like Krista’s style of operating, especially how she handles each case as unique, and the solutions are something we find together. Krista doesn’t act in a way where she chooses a set template and works based on that, but each case is looked at separately and a solution is sought especially for the situation, instead of trying to fit the problem into a mould and work from there. With each case, we started by going through “what we want” and “what are we searching for.”

In each case the aim was to create understanding of communities that support start-up enterprises and the innovation and test platforms they create. The result was presented as a qualitative information report. During this process, we noticed that the meanings and connections of the phenomena were different from what we originally thought. Because the reality did not match our expectations, the project progressed through both understanding, revelations, and frustration. By developing things together we managed to make expectations and results meet. This encompasses some of Vision Factory’s greatest strengths: Doing things together, a readiness to accept challenges, and not working based on a template and/or going with the solution that is merely the easiest one to accomplish. In addition, Vision Factory is a trustworthy, innovative, and interactive company in communication and keeping in touch. In Krista’s working I especially value clarification, enthusiasm, and documentation.

The goal of the second case was to develop a canvas-type tool for start-up mentoring together with start-up company individuals. Reaching the goals and results required intense communication and interaction from all parties – We kept each other in the loop of what was happening. Of course, we did our own homework; each time after a workshop we thought on what we both need to do on our own fronts to move forward. This was a good case and we got good feedback from other participants.

I think Vision Factory’s model is especially good when one wants to clarify complex problems and you have your goals and targets thought out.




Gateway To Start-Up Mentoring – PDF Dokumentti

The story is based on the interview made by Birgit Eskelinen / Redesign Markkinointi Oy with Sami Puttonen / Business Tampere.

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