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Education & coaching

Open and customised education and coaching sessions on topics such as service business, co-creation, innovation, gamification, and ecosystem management for experts, staff, and management.


Education at Vision Factory means learning new things, developing oneself and striving forward. Education is a response to a need that a person, team, or an organisation wants to learn.

Together with our partners, we run training courses and education open to all. You can learn more about our open education on the News page.

Customised education refers to education designed for an organisation based on their specific needs. These educational entities are always designed in collaboration with the customer.


Coaching at Vision Factory is also learning and developing new things, but with coaching the process of learning and developing is taking place at the same time as the organisation is moving forward.

In many of Vision Factory’s consulting projects, coaching is a part of the development process. Staff and management learn new skills while consultants support the organisation in moving forward and achieving its goals.

What are the topics we educate and coach on?

The themes and topics we educate and coach on are strongly related to developing and managing service businesses, implementing and managing co-creation, innovation management, gamification techniques and tools, as well as ecosystem management and development. Our education and coaching sessions have been attended by management teams, experts, and developers from both private and public sectors.

Our education and coaching sessions have been attended by management teams, experts, and developers from both the private and public sector.

Here are some of our most popular education and coaching topics to give you an idea of what they can entail. However, we can fully customise the education and coaching sessions based on your organisation’s needs. Please contact us, and we will find a suitable package for you.

Examples of education topics

ABC of Ecosystem Management

  • ABC of Ecosystems
  • Managing Ecosystems
  • Co-development in Ecosystems

Co-development in business development

  • Why co-develop and in what situations it works
  • What co-development means and what is true co-development
  • Co-development mindset, from expert-based to participatory

Facilitation and Workshop Work

  • Basics of facilitation
  • How to act as an effective facilitator
  • Workshop planning step-by-step and suitable methods

Co-development and Data-Driven Management

  • Basic steps of qualitative research and analysis
  • How to analyse and utilise data produced by co-development
  • Visual reporting as a part of decision-making

Gamified Methods in Customer Understanding and Service Development

  • Theory of gamification, what is “Serious Gaming” and Design thinking
  • Gamification as a development approach, how to implement a gamified operational model
  • We will explore design games, what they consist of and how they work in practice

Service Process Development and Measurement

  • Service processes and service path thinking
  • How to involve customers in service process development
  • Metrics – How to get information about service performance and productivity

Thank you again! The training was excellent and well-suited to our needs.

Participant feedback, “Let’s Do It Together? Co-Creation Business Training,”
Business Oulu

Outi has a good and warm way of teaching the course. It’s great to get new ideas and methods to use!

Student feedback, “Facilitation as an Expert Tool” course
Helsinki Summer University.

The material was of high quality and inspiring. It formed a clear and theory-based entity as intended, but in such a way that each piece of teaching material works also independently.

Service Design and Co-Creation in Customer-Oriented Business
A. Jussila, Laurea University of Applied Sciences