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With strong background and experience Vision Factory's experts have created and developed gamified design tools and methods for innovation, service design, and co-creation. We specialise in business development through gamified methods.

Through research and practice, we have found that gamification helps focus on the matter at hand better than many other participatory methods. Gamification brings balance, enthusiasm, and helps players expand their understanding and learn new things.

summarises Design Director Outi.

In this context, gamification refers to so-called “Serious gaming,” which refers to a game designed for a purpose other than entertainment. Gamification is suitable for situations where ideas are generated, developed, and information is collected, where the current state of something is examined, or where a practical problem is being solved. It is a strategic way to improve processes, services, organisations, and operations, and the approach is similar to playing a board game during leisure time. By applying gamified elements and techniques, participants are more motivated and engaged in the activity compared to traditional methods.

How can we help you with gamification?

In Education

The education can focus on, for example, developing organisation’s own design game or studying the theories of gamification. It is also worth exploring our open educations; we hold an education session on gamification few times a year that is open to everyone.

In Development Projects and Workshop Activities

We use gamified methods and tools according to the client’s needs. We can conduct ideation, planning, or customer understanding workshops for your organisation using CoCo Cosmos 3.0 or other gamified methods.

In Research

Through research and publications any fields can be developed and advanced. Our CEO, Krista Keränen, completed her doctoral studies at the University of Cambridge on co-creation, service design, and service innovation, with gamification playing a significant role. If you are starting a project or research related to this topic, please be in touch.

Physical Design Games

Design games are the most visible and inspiring aspect of gamification. We have been involved in developing many design games and gamified services for our clients. Additionally, in collaboration with our partners, we have developed CoCo Cosmos 3.0 and InnoBoost design games, which are available for purchase in our online store. The online store also offers various materials and tools that support gamification in workshop activities.

Gamification Community

This is something we dream of and gradually build. A community where designers, facilitators, and developers can share and acquire knowledge about gamification, and where we can test different games and take business development further in a co-creative direction. If this topic interests you and your organisation, please get in touch with us.

Co-creation gamification is particularly suitable for market research and situations where we are dealing with something completely new.

Peter Ruokonen, CEO,
Cariitti Ltd.

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