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The name Vision Factory reflects what we do and how we work with our clients: with vision, building towards the future and collaboratively developing together. We offer services ranging from strategic business and organisational development to educational courses and individual workshops.

We act as partners to our clients, supporting their journey towards a more customer-centric and innovative organisational culture.

  • Together – not alone
  • Listening and doing – not just talking
  • Gathering and understanding qualitative information, not solely relying on numerical data
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What does the client gain from working with us?

A tangible outcome may be a customer-centric strategy, visually depicted service journey, service promise or a vision, redesigned organisational model, or revitalised digital and physical services. The specific outcome depends on the client’s needs and purpose, but a similar mindset unites our work – the desire to create sustainable and customer-centric services, models, and processes for the future. We believe in building strong businesses and a better tomorrow.

In addition to concrete outcomes, other results are also achieved throughout the projects. Participants learn new skills and tools. Enthusiasm is often in the air, increasing motivation and commitment. Good results emerge when genuine co-creation is done with employees, management, customers, and other stakeholders.


Gamified design tools created by Vision Factory experts for innovation and co-creation.

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Education and coaching

Open and customised education programs and coaching sessions on topics such as service business, co-creation, innovation, gamification, and ecosystem management for experts, employees, and management.

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Support and insights for strategic business development, organisational and operational model development, as well as service model development.

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Workshops & facilitation

Individual workshops and workshop series for activities such as ideation, planning, co-creation, and customer engagement.

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Mentoring & sparring

Vision Factory experts act as sparring partners and mentors for management and developers, supporting them in their learning and navigating through change.

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Get to know us and our services, and feel free to reach out if you don’t find a suitable service for you on our website.

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