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Workshops & facilitation

Individual workshops and workshop series for ideation, planning, co-creation, and customer engagement, among other things.

A workshop at Vision Factory means shared time and space for employees, either physically present or virtually. In a workshop, a group of people are working towards a common goal.

Facilitation is guiding participants towards the goal and it is an important skill in today’s working life. Facilitation ensures equal opportunities for participation and supports active participation.

The need for workshop facilitation or planning is one of the most common reasons people contact us. The need often relates to internal organisational development, such as team functions and goal planning, employee, customer or partner engagement or knowledge acquisition. The need for facilitation and workshops often stems from the need to ensure equitable workshop participation for all, that the workshops achieve their objectives and that the workshop methods and tools used are appropriate to the situation.

The need may be for a single workshop lasting a few hours, or a continuous co-creation model.

At Vision Factory, our value proposition – Stronger Through Co-Creation – guides our facilitation and workshop activities. It is important to us that the workshop adds value to its organiser. The design and delivery of the workshops will take into account previous work and ensure continuity after the workshop. At Vision Factory, co-creation professionals facilitate workshops.

We can help you with:

  • Effective workshop or event planning
  • Professional facilitation for workshops or events
  • Training in effective workshop planning and execution
  • Training in facilitation skills

VF, thank you! Wonderful support for the office staff! Always a good and enthusiastic atmosphere in joint events!

Project for developing the activities and services of the Nurses’ Association,

The examples showed that you have field experience, so you know what you’re talking about (I could easily have spent one more day listening to people ask and Outi answer).

Facilitation as a Tool for Experts course,
Laurea University of Applied Sciences

This was an excellent training! Outi is a true professional who knows how to share her expertise with others and put it into words. Outi’s coaching has been really helpful! Good materials and the things covered were great.”

Facilitation as a Tool for Experts course,
Helsinki Summer University

I learned something new myself, and it was inspiring to see how you work. And the atmosphere was such that it was easy to laugh but also engage in critical constructive discussions, which I found to be really valuable.

Service Design for Vaasa City’s Participation and Interaction Service,
City of Vaasa

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