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CoCo Cosmos 3.0

We are so excited - a new tool is coming out in the end of 2023! CoCo Cosmos 3.0 is an updated, revamped, and streamlined version of the original gamified service design and co-creation tool, CoCo Cosmos. CoCo Cosmos 3.0 is based on the same principle as the original version, but its appearance has been updated, cards have been updated, and a lighter version has been developed. The tool's design is strongly based on customer feedback, and the visual design was created in collaboration with package designer Outi Oravainen.

CoCo Cosmos 3.0, or CoCo for short, can be used for collecting customer feedback, identifying hidden needs, describing service paths, innovating new services and products, and describing processes. Additionally, it helps to understand complex situations from the perspective of different stakeholders, facilitates communication, and highlights new opportunities for innovation.

CoCo is primarily designed to help service providers and customers understand their connections in the service environment, but it can also be applied to other purposes. Service providers and customers often view and experience the service through different lenses, which can lead to dissatisfaction on both sides. Both parties may have needs or obstacles related to the service that have not yet been identified. Understanding what different stakeholders consider important and what enables value creation for them can be difficult.

CoCo helps service providers identify these challenges from their own, the customer’s, and other relevant stakeholder’s perspectives, thus shaping the service environment to better meet the needs of its users.

What are the roots of CoCo?

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