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InnoBoost is a design game, that allows you to better understand the commercialisation process and how to move towards innovation. Playing with InnoBoost takes you through the different stages of the commercialisation process, and at each stage of the journey, the goals, the accomplishment, and the people needed to accomplish it are clarified. The game is played using cards that support the construction of the process.



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In what situations is InnoBoost worth playing and using?

InnoBoost game is at its best according to customers and users (and also us):

  1. Learning the innovation process and the service design process,
  2. In developing and reviewing the innovation process
  3. In developing and reviewing an innovative idea, and
  4. identifying barriers to commercialisation.

Who usually plays at InnoBoost, who is it for?

Companies, organisations, universities, start-ups – those who are interested in innovation and the innovation process as well as service design.


The duration of the game is about 60-120 minutes. One game board works for 1-6 people.

InnoBoost includes:

  • InnoBoost game board
  • Four different sets of playing cards: goals, actions, people and checkpoints
  • InnoBoost game box
  • Game instructions in Finnish and in English

InnoBoost game board size 110cm x 71cm

InnoBoost game box size 57cm x 37cm

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg