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Developing the innovation process


  • Build an exciting, functioning and result-driven innovation process
  • Map out the parts involved, operators and adequate requirements of the process
  • Get to know the ecosystem thinking and take in mind how the organization should adopt open innovation models.
  • Building a system for measuring motivating innovative action.


  • A professionally built and managed innovation model strengthens the activities and competitive ability of the organisation.
  • A co-created process empowers the activities of the organisation. It both engages and bonds people.
  • The organisation will receive a clear system of measuring innovation.


  • Map out the current state, of the organisation and its activities and tools.
  • Design a development project, then decide the goals and timetable.
  • There can be several methods of execution depending on the timetable and number of participants.
  • We may execute a program by doing things together in workshops through a gamistic methods. We often use the new BOOST+INNO game, which is a powerful tool for building the innovation process.
  • In addition, we have held innovation camps g. at places such as Cambridge University, where the contents of the camp were tailored to fit the needs of the client and lasted 3 to 5 days.

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