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Service design

Engage your clients in product and service development with the tools of service design

  • Developing new a business starts with technology first and from the internal processes of the company
  • Creating a concept for new products and services is too often based on existing processes and technological expertise. Finally, the customer is sat down, and forced into the process created for them. Maybe then, the creator will wonder why the customer is not acting in the way that the design of the product requires them to act.

Service design, on the other hand, starts from the inner hidden needs of customers, so we can create products and services that the clients truly need.


  • The power that customers hold has increased. In addition, the understanding has dawned that products and services need to be working from the client’s point of view. In other words, the products/services need to create value for the client and solve problems in their everyday life.
  • Many organisations talk about customer-centric operation models and the importance of customers, but most often they keep the clients at a safe distance from themselves.
  • Organisations traditionally implement customer satisfaction surveys and talk with customers at organized customer events. These activities rarely bring out the hidden needs of clients and often times clients find it hard to put into words what their needs are. These needs are best uncovered by service design and co-creation.


  • Hidden needs can be discovered by engaging the customers in a co-creation workshop.
  • The work can start for example by building service paths from the client’s point of view. Then we understand the path the customer is progressing on when they use the product/service.
  • Many different service design games like CoCo Cosmos, help to agilely describe how the customer works and what they value/do not value or feel useless or even hard.
  • Workshop results must be analysed – you should do an investigative work and have an analytical attitude. Meaning you should dig deeper by combining clues and bringing new views into the development.

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