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Stronger through co-creation

Vision Factory is a service innovation, design thinking and co-creation service agency. We help towards a more customer-centric and innovative operating model and culture. Vision Factory’s mission is to make genuine collaboration the new norm in organisations and businesses. In the coming years, we will focus on increasing understanding and practical implementation of co-creation in organisations and businesses by bringing the benefits more visible and making them more tangible.

How to co-create co-learning?

Take a design sprint, add couple of professional ecosystem and design educators and a group of joyful and vibrant students. Mix together with service design tools and methods and lots of open-minded and heartfelt discussions. Shake, stir and serve during the beautiful Finnish September – the outcome is wonderful.

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Co-development of the Mentorointi-canvas

Vision Factory considers each case unique, searching solutions together for that specific case.

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Developing the customer understanding game

Our learned results were that the game was considered very interesting at fairs, it draws people in with its cards and meeples, and that it works a lot better in gaining customer understanding than for example questionnaires or survey forms

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Our services

Vision Factory offers services from strategic development of businesses and organisations to educational courses and workshops. We are our customers´ partner and support them in the development towards a more customer centric and innovative corporate culture. Take a look at our services and feel free to contact us if you can’t find a suitable service for you listed on our website.


Gamified design tools for innovation and co-creation, created by our Vision Factory experts.

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Education & coaching

Public and bespoke educational training and coaching in e.g. service business, innovation, gamification and ecosystem leadership for professionals, staff and leaders.

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Support and insights for developing strategic business, organisational and operational models, as well as service models.

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Workshops & Facilitation

Individual workshops and workshop series for ideation, planning, co-creation, and stakeholder engagement.

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Mentoring & Sparring

Vision Factory experts act as sparring partners and mentors for leaders and developers, as well as for those who are new to change.

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Vision Factory experts carry out customer projects, design new operational models and processes, develop and test design games, and participate in partner networks. We are happy to share with you all of this, our everyday work and celebrations, achieved results and development challenges. On this page, you can find the latest news, stories, and publications, as well as plenty of other materials related to co-creation and to our work.

If you have a topic or an issue that you would like to hear more about, please contact us with our contact form, or by sending us an email directly. Let’s find the best stories and topics together.

Welcome to the wonderful world of co-creation.


With our gamified tools for innovation and co-creation, you can develop and test your organisation’s operations, services, and products.

Vision Factory Oy CoCo Tool kit 2.0 CoCo Cosmos

Coco Cosmos 3.0

Coco Cosmos 3.0 tool is a playful service design tool for co-creation. It can be used for gathering customer feedback, identifying latent needs, describing service paths, innovating new services or products, and describing processes.



InnoBoost is a design tool that helps understand the commercialisation process and progress towards innovation. While playing InnoBoost, the different stages of the commercialisation process are reviewed and in each stage, the goals, functions, and actors needed to carry out commercialisation are clarified.

Our Krista talks about InnoBoost in this video, a design game that helps understand the commercialisation process and progress towards innovation realisation. Listen, get inspired, and ask us for more information.