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Practical Learnings about Development

Design thinking and co-creation enable the construction of a new, more competitive business. When stakeholders are involved in business development, a lot of tacit knowledge is brought to light, which is challenging to collect in any other way. Tacit knowledge, in turn, helps make faster and better decisions and brings new agility to the organization’s operations.

It seems that we often fall in love with our own products. For the benefit of the business, we would be better off learning to understand the needs and challenges of our customers and developing the business and technology to support their solutions.

To learn about the needs and challenges of our customers – that is, their everyday lives – we need more and more co-creation practices and, additionally, agile experimentation. The fact that we involve and experiment does not reduce or question the need for expertise/deep professional skills – on the contrary, we need professionals who are knowledgeable about their subject matter to refine ideas into products.

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