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Gamification in innovation conference

Gamification in innovation conference

We at Vision Factory are specialized in Gamification. In addition to efficiency, gamification is a playful way of developing, designing, ideating, or gathering customer insight as well as often quite relaxed and fun way to work.

Service development in small manufacturing companies

Krista’s background in institutions of learning gave us assurance that she can complete the project while taking into note the behaviour of different kinds of participants in different kinds of interactive situations.
Wellness Dream Asiakasymmärryspeli

Developing the customer understanding game

Peter Ruokonen, the CEO of Cariitti talks on why and how they built a customer and market understanding game together with Vision Factory to develop their pilot program service.
Mentorointi-canvaksen yhteiskehittäminen

Co-development of the Mentorointi-canvas

Vision Factory considers each case unique, searching solutions together for that specific case.

Co-creation requires business executives to let go of their expert mindsets

If you plan on throwing the post-it notes away right after a workshop, don’t even bother organizing one, says Vision Factory’s founder, consultant Krista Keränen. The worst mistake a company can make is to consider itself customer-oriented, if it never listens to its customers’ opinions.